Featuers & Technical Stuff

Upvato is not just a tool to backup your files from Envato. It's a tool to create a collection of all your items with Envato, current and old ones. With Upvato you collect all the information around your items and re-create a neat library and overview of all your items almost like Envato's own websites. When the item is removed from Envato, it will still remain just as available and beautifully displayed as ever on Upvato.

Unlimited backups

Host as many items as many times as you want with Upvato. No restrictions.

Easy to use

Upvato's intuitive controlpanel makes it a breeze to maintain your Envato backups.

It's free

You read it right! It's free to upload and secure all your Envato items with Upvato."


Upvato is completely automated. Connect your account with your Envato account to allow Upvato to fetch and pull information automatically trough the powerful API.

By connecting your account we can monitor a complete list of your items and automatically pull the latest version as they are released and update new purchases as you make them. Everything seamlessly connected trough the Envato API's

Screenshots & Descriptions

A backup of your file is the most important part, of course. When the file is taken offline from the Envato network, they also remove all the information surrounding the item you bought, making it hard to remember exactly what each item did when you look trough it later.

Upvato solves this problem by backing up all screenshots and descriptions for the Envato item. You can at any time go back to any item in Upvato and see the details.


Upvato keeps the latest file available for download at any given time. But from time to time the latest file may contain bugs or be unreliable or not entirely what you remembered or needed when you originally purchased the item.

You can at any time see a complete file history of all the files Upvato have on the item and download any previous backup. Useful if you need to download an older version of a theme to be compatible with an older version of Wordpress.

Manual upload

If you don't want to connect to the Envato API or if you just want to do it all manually. Then upload all your ZIP files manually trough Upvato's upload tool.

Manual uploads work just like automated uploads, but are not automatically updated in the future. If you have manual and automatic backups for the same item, then Upvato tells you the difference in a smart download list.

Email notifications

Upvato will send you email notifications regarding automated events in the system. If an item has been automatically updated, a funny looking login attempt or something similar occurred. We will send you an email!

Backup of Backups

Upvato store a remote backup of all your backup in case something goes wrong. Upvato also runs on a failover system. If the website goes down in one datacenter, another steps up and takes it's place.


Upvat is secure portal to store and maintain all your backups. Sensistive information is encrypted and the entire websites and all it's content is hidden behind the HTTPS protocol while your surfing.