What does automated mean?

We pull all the latest purchases from your Envato account and add them to your Upvato backups. We will periodically check the item for new updates and backup the latest file if found.

Some items say Removed, what does that mean?

Items marked with a badge called Remove is items that are no longer available on the Envato marketplace. Such item will no longer be automatically updated or checked for new meta data. The file and current data will always remain available on Upvato.

How many files can i upload?

You can upload as many files as you want.

What is the filesize limit?

There is no filesize limit for items backed up automatically. Manual items currently have a maximum allowed filesize of 1GB.

How long do you store the files?

Files are stored indefinitely and are made available to you at any given time for download.

Envato removed the item, what now?

When an item is removed with Envato it will still remain available on Upvato. You will see a complete overview of the items description, thumbnails, screenshots and comments along with the entire file history. You can download these files at any time.

Can i backup items that are already removed?

If the item is already removed from Envato but you have a ZIP file you want to manually upload. Then it's only possible to upload this file if one of our users have backed up the same item before when the item was available. If a user has, we have the information associated on file and can therefor display the item in a proper way.

Do you send notifications?

Upvato will send you automated mail notifications if we find new items to backup in your Envato account or if a new update for an existing item has been backed up. These emails are only sent when an automated event occurs, not on manual events.

Can i unsubscribe from the newsletters?

Yes, just login to Upvato and click My Account. From there you can subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletter.


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