By putting our logo or banner on your website then you encourage your visitors to backup their items in a smart and safe way. We need all the help we can get, put the logo or banner you want anywhere on your website / blog / entry.

Envato Authors

Envato authors can and should use our logo or banners on their profile page and or item description page. It's important to give your clients as much information as possible, and referring to Upvato is a good way to help your clients secure their purchases.

Blogs / Media

If you want to write about Upvato or need a logo for your article, then this is the place to find it. You are free to use any of these items anywhere you want as you please, without modifying the element or pictures.


We have prepared our logo in a few different colors that you can use on your different medias as you please. These logos can be used based on our Terms of Service , if you are in doubt, contact us with your concerns. Note: The logos are larger then they appear.

Choose banner size

Our banners come in different shapes and sizes to make it more convenient to fit in everywhere. Choose the size most suited for your needs, if you need a size that's missing in the list and are considered a 'normal ad standard' then get in touch with us and we will whip something up for you.

Choose your banner color

Just like we arrive in different shapes and sizes, we also come in different colors. Click on the banner below that suits your website, media and sharing medium the most. Some nifty HTML code will reveal itself for you to copy paste where you please.