Backup your Envato files!

Don't lose your purchases due to items being removed or exclusive licenses sold.

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Stay safe! Stay in control.

Shop at one of the Envato marketplaces? So do we! Lost a file due to removal by the author or Envato themselves? So have we!

Losing files is a boring matter, specially boring when you lose files you've purchased and intended to use later or for different projects. Perhaps you want to add more content to your project, modify the object or get the source files for your product to make some necessary changes.

  • It's completely free to store your files with Upvato
  • Connect your Envato API to backup all your items automagically
  • Recieve email notifications every time an item is updated, stay in control

How does it work?

Create your brand new account with Upvato to get started. It's very simple and absolutely no personal details required.

Take a look at our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before you sign up. Have any questions for us? Please don't hesitate to contact us

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Upvato manages all your files from Envato Marketplaces like Themeforest, Codecanyon, 3Ddocean, ActiveDen and so much more. Don't lose your files.

Secure & Fast

Upvato aims to be secure, fast and reliable. We store all backups off-site in a secure location that are again backed up to a remote location that are again backed up to another remote location.

Don't pay! Backup.

Upvato is and will always be a free service. We strongly believe that this is something that should be a part of Envato from day one as a free mandatory service, until this happens, Upvato is here.

Easy to use

Upvato is extremely easy to use. Upload your ZIP files manually, directly into your account or hook up your Envato account using the Envato API and let Upvato backup your files automagically.

Unlimited files

There is no limit to the amount of files you can backup or the file-size involved. Purchase and safely store as many Envato files as your hearth desires, Upvato will handle the rest.

It's automated

When you connect your Envato API with Upvato you can automate the entire backup process. Register, connect and sit back and watch the show!

Upvato allows you to manually and automatically backup all your files from the Envato marketplaces. Connect to the powerful Envato API and Upvat will download and backup all your items for you. Or download the ZIP files manually from Envato and upload them trough our neat simple GUI.

  • Connect your Envato API with a few simple steps.
  • Choose specific items you want to backup automagically or choose them all.
  • Download your item at any time, we keep all previous versions of the file.
  • We backup the file, screenshot's, descriptions, comments and thumbnails.

Don't worry about your files and backups, spend your valuable time focusing on what matters.

Random Envato files!

Take a look at some random Envato files currently backed up with Upvato. These items will take you directly to the Envato marketplace.